A provisional grade of I (incomplete) may only be given to a student who has not completed the requirements of a course for legitimate reasons, provided that work thus far completed in the course is of passing quality.  The student must petition the instructor for this grade and provide the reasons, and the instructor will initiate the process. The grade of I may not be given to a student who has simply failed to meet the academic requirements of the course on time. The professor submits the form to the appropriate Associate or Assistant Dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies.  Students initiate the request for an Incomplete using the Incomplete Grade form.

Incomplete grades must be resolved by the mid-semester of the succeeding term as specified in the Academic Calendar, whether or not the student is registered. If the incomplete grade is not resolved by mid-semester, the incomplete becomes a grade of F (failure). Under extraordinary circumstances, but before the date of the mid-semester following the reported incomplete grade, a student may petition the instructor of the course and the dean of the school in which the student is enrolled for an extension of the period normally allowed for removal of the incomplete grade.

Grades and Academic Standing (Undergraduate) Policy

Grades and Academic Standing (Graduate) Policy