­­­Catholic University of America's Monsignor Stephen P. Happel Room in Caldwell Hall exists to serve the University's mission. Priority for the use of this facility is given first to the School of Theology and Religious Studies (STRS) staff and faculty needs and second to the programs and activities of University groups.

University groups are defined as consisting almost entirely of faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, or occasionally students of the University, whose primary activities are based at or directly related to the University. This also includes offices, departments and/or schools at Catholic University.

The decision to permit or restrict the use of facilities by University groups will be based first on prior STRS commitment, then prior reservation. Reservations requested by University groups are taken on a first come, first serve basis. In cases of conflict, priority will be given to the group with prior approved reservation.

STRS may reserve the Happel Room to organizations outside of the university community. Approval of such reservations may depend upon the appropriateness and/or fitness of the event with the larger mission of STRS and the University.

All groups using University facilities must comply with University standards and policies as well as those imposed by STRS. Those groups failing to meet the standards or comply with regulations may be denied future use of the Happel Room. Those groups causing damages to the Happel Room may be charged accordingly. Additionally, we ask that you clean up after your event and return the furniture to its original arrangement.

The Happel Room may not be scheduled for classes or for events that recur with similar frequently, such as but not limited to once per week.


The Happel Room is comprised of approximately 45 chairs in guest lecture format. There is also a large wooden table in the back of the room that is not to be moved. You are responsible for coordinating with Facilities for requesting and/or tear down of any additional items. Since facilities is not normally available after 2 p.m. to arrange the furniture, events scheduled immediately after another event may have to arrange the room themselves in accordance with their preferences. All furniture must be restored to its original configuration by the end of your event. The use of "The House" which belongs to Campus Ministry is prohibited.

How to Reserve the Happel Room

To reserve the Happel Room, please submit a Happel Room Request Form to CUA-STRS-EVENTS@CUA.EDU. Request forms are found on the STRS website under the "Procedures and Forms" menu. Email confirmations regarding all requests are sent to the requestor for the following purposes:

To confirm the request has been received.

To confirm the request has been scheduled or denied.

To inform the requestor that there has been a change in the reservation (i.e. location change, time change, status change, etc.)

A reservation is not confirmed by submitting a request. Requests can only be confirmed by the School of Theology and Religious Studies.

Reservation Requests may usually be made no more than one semester ahead of time.

If an event is cancelled, postponed, or the time or location has changed, please contact STRS immediately so that it can be adjusted accordingly in the system.