Our Graduates Become Leaders of the Church

The School of Theology and Religious Studies at Catholic University shapes the leaders of the Church in the United States and abroad by providing students with a world-class theological education from a pontifical faculty of prominent theology and religion experts.

Our programs are all made possible through the generous support of our donors. Our students have the opportunity to explore course offerings in nine academic areas: Biblical studies, Catechetics, Church History, Historical and Systematic Theology, Liturgical Studies and Sacramental Theology, Moral Theology and Ethics, Pastoral Studies, Spirituality, and Religion and Culture. Within these areas, a variety of degree programs are offered, including civil, ecclesial, and pastoral degrees.

Over 360 students are currently studying in our various graduate programs; 150 come to us from seminaries and religious communities worldwide. All of our programs are intellectually rigorous, practically oriented, and deeply rooted in the Tradition of the Church. They allow students to discover the connection between faith and reason. Within a vibrant and collegial community, our students are inspired to put their knowledge and skills at the service of the Church and society. Our students go on to occupy positions of leadership as lay and ordained ministers, educators, ethicists, policy makers, and more.

With your continued support, we will be able to offer more scholarships and better stipends to our students, establish new academic centers and chairs, and improve and expand our academic offerings. Your financial support empowers the School of Theology and Religious Studies in its mission to educate the future leaders of the Church. We invite you to take part in this mission by making a gift today.