The Biblical Studies program at The Catholic University of America is designed to provide men and women, clergy and lay people with the training necessary for effective research, publication and teaching in the biblical field. Along with that, emphasis is placed upon a command of modern and biblical languages. Biblical texts are inspired and are the product of religious thought and culture that evolved over many centuries. Students are therefore not only trained in critical study of the Bible but are encouraged to take courses in related theological areas.

Students will become experts in the study of both the Old and New Testaments (including the Septuagint). Our dedicated faculty will work with you to tailor your individual program to fit your research interests and to provide you with significant training and experience of teaching in the field to broaden your perspective.

Graduate Programs

We offer a number of programs within the field of Biblical Studies including:

The Importance of Language Study

Catholic University offers a wide range of opportunities for language mastery that will broaden your studies and enhance your experience unlike anywhere else! The program strongly emphasizes the study of languages and primary texts, and you will develop significant expertise in Hebrew and Greek and in both Old and New Testaments studies. Although all students specialize within one Testament, everyone graduates with background in both Testaments and the Septuagint. This broad experience prepares you for the many jobs in the field that require broad teaching ability.

St. Matthew's Cathedral, DC

Why Study Theology in D.C.?

Catholic University’s location in Washington, D.C., means that it helps shape issues of the public moment. This is where theological thinking in the United States moves from the classroom to the culture.

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