In addition to its Masters and Doctoral programs, the Biblical Studies area offers the Doctorate (S.T.D.) in Biblical Theology. This degree, which is accredited by the Holy See, is especially appropriate for clerics and those who intend to teach in ecclesiastical faculties.

The Doctorate in Biblical Theology, or S.T.D., is a degree conferred only after a candidate with a basic, tested theological orientation and proven competence in Biblical Studies has shown ability for achievement in scholarly research and publication.


To be admitted to the S.T.D. in Biblical Theology, a student must have an S.T.L. in Biblical Theology or an S.S.L. from the Biblical Institute (Rome) or the Pontifical Biblical Commission.


  • 12 credits in exegesis at the doctoral (800) level.
  • Dissertation guidance for at least four successive semesters.
  • Lectio on a topic related to the student's dissertation topic.
  • S.T.D. dissertation and defense.


In addition to the language requirements listed for the S.T.L., S.T.D. students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of German and French in accordance with School norms.