The goal of the master's program is to expand and deepen the student's initial education in Biblical Studies. It prepares students to engage in independent research in various domains pertinent to the study of Scripture, such as Old Testament, New Testament, Septuagint Studies, ancient languages and more. The degree promotes a thorough and rigorous foundation for further graduate studies in the area of Biblical Studies and Ancient Languages.


  • A bachelor's degree, preferably in an area related to biblical studies or theology. Students with little or no background in theology and religious studies will be asked to take additional courses in these subjects at the 600 level as needed.
  • 6 credit hours in introductory Hebrew.
  • 6 credit hours in elementary and intermediate Biblical Greek.


The M.A. requires a minimum of 30 semester credit hours.

  • 9 credit hours in advanced Hebrew.
  • 9 credit hours in advanced Greek.
  • 6 credit hours in exegesis (one in OT, one in NT).
  • Six further credits in exegesis or a related area such as theology, archaeology, Semitics, the Ancient Near East, ancient languages.
  • M.A. thesis guidance as needed.
  • A reading knowledge of French or German demonstrated in accordance with school norms.
  • A written comprehensive examination at the conclusion of the coursework.
  • An M.A. thesis or, with the approval of the academic area director, two seminar papers.


A major focus of the M.A. program is the emphasis on learning modern languages (German or French) and ancient languages. M.A. students must demonstrate proficiency in German or French.

Students must also demonstrate proficiency in ancient languages: Hebrew and Greek. A written comprehensive examination at the conclusion of the coursework will test the student's proficiency in both ancient languages.