The goal of the M.A. in Liturgical Studies is to equip students for a broad range of educational, diocesan and parish ministries. It also leads to advanced study on the doctoral level. There is opportunity for some interdisciplinary study in allied academic areas such as music, architecture, etc.


  • Students should possess a B.A., preferably with a liberal arts emphasis and have completed courses in ecclesiology, christology, and a critical introduction to the Old and New Testaments.
  • Students must show proficiency in Latin and French.

Course Requirements

The core liturgical courses are:

  • Liturgy and Culture (TRS 741B)
  • Liturgy: Theological and Historical Perspectives (TRS 741A)
  • Eucharist: A Liturgical Theology (TRS 744)
  • Liturgical Sources (TRS 740)
  • fulfill the Latin requirement (by passing a Latin exam)
  • fulfill a French requirement (by passing a reading exam administered within STRS)

Reading List

View the reading list for the Masters of Arts in Liturgical Studies.