The Catholic University of America’s Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Excellence in Preaching Initiative helps priests, deacons, seminarians, and laity enhance your effectiveness in preaching and proclamation, so you can better engage parishioners and feed their spiritual hunger and capacity to experience and share Christ’s love in their daily lives.

The Initiative provides teaching, training, and resources for anyone within the Catholic Church who proclaims the Word of God. Drawing on the expertise of the University’s School of Theology and Religious Studies and its Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art, the programs focus on homily preparation, public speaking, and delivery technique.

Programs and Resources

  • For Priests: The Fulton J. Sheen Excellence in Preaching Workshop

    This annual week-long program for priests focuses on a singular pastoral theme, with workshops in partnership with the Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art in voice projection, language, and presentation. Participants also have the opportunity to work with a preaching mentor for six months following the workshops.
  • For Deacons: Heralds of the Gospel of Christ: Diaconal Preaching Course

    The Diaconal Preaching Initiative is an online program to enhance the preaching skills of permanent deacons. It focuses on the process of prayer, reflection writing, and preaching a homily through lecture, assessment, and practice.
  • For Lay Leaders: Baptized to Proclaim the Word

    A twelve-credit certificate program for lay leaders in pastoral, catechetical, and retreat settings, this program introduces lay leaders to the practice of proclamation and explores how to work within the Catholic spiritual tradition, crafting spiritual and catechetical presentations.
  • For Preachers: Preaching from the Heart of the Catholic Tradition: A Preacher’s Resource

    This preaching tool for the liturgical cycle of Sunday readings offers sources from the Catholic writing, arts, and devotional traditions that reflect themes in the Sunday readings. The manual aids the preacher's commitments to prayer, reflection, and study in preparation for writing and preaching the Sunday homily.

    Seeking Content Contributor

    The Sheen Initiative is accepting applications for members of a writing and resource
    committee that will support the work of producing and publishing a preaching manual that
    will help preachers draw from the breadth and depth of the Catholic theological and spiritual
    tradition in preparation for preaching on Sundays across the cycle of readings.
    Members are asked to make a commitment of one year, to reflect on the Sunday readings and
    contribute stories, images, quotes, cultural expressions and devotions that they have found
    central to homilies they have preached. Submission of material will be integrated into the text
    of the manual. For application and more information, contact

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