no-power-over-gods-bounty.jpgNo Power over God's Bounty: A Christian Commentary on the “People of Scripture” in the Qur'an

CT Peeters 2021

The Qur'an often addresses Jews and Christians as "People of Scripture" to indicate that they have received revelation from God. Yet, while acknowledging the special relationship and knowledge that this revelation brings, the Qur'an at the same time criticizes the People of Scripture for not remaining true to God's guidance and claiming special power over God's gifts. The mixture of acknowledgment and criticism is based on actual encounters with Jews and Christians at the time of the revelation of the Qur'an. This Christian commentary on the 31 texts in which the Qur'an discusses and addresses the People of Scripture includes the Muslim tradition of interpretation of these texts and adds Christian resonances in order to contribute to future dialogue between Muslims and Christians on the common heritage and the differences between them.