Science for Seminaries


This website provides a range of resources for teachers of theology (at all levels) who recognize the importance of integrating scientific material into their theological lesson plans. The site developed out of the “Science for Seminaries” grant award to the School of Theology and Religious Studies (STRS) by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). STRS and AAAS recognize that science and technology have an enormous impact on society that leaves many people confused and concerned.

People often turn to religious leaders (pastors and educators) for guidance and information about scientific developments and the meaning of scientific findings for matters of faith and ethics. However, many religious leaders are not adequately prepared to address these concerns due to a lack of scientific education within their own formation.


The website seeks to help teachers and ministers address questions about science and its relation to theology in two ways.

First, the site provides a categorized and annotated list of links to resources on the internet that leaders can use to develop their own scientific literacy and familiarity with issues surrounding science and theology, primarily in the Catholic tradition. These resources can help one develop scientific understanding and get inspiration about how to teach these scientific concepts to various audiences. It also includes resources specifically about science and religion.

Second, the site will host pedagogical resources organized by theological discipline. This section of the site is still under development. When ready, it will provide access to original content that teachers can use to incorporate relevant science into theological discussion and instruction.