Students who are interested in pursuing a certificate program can choose from Pastoral Ministry, Pre-Theology Studies, or Christian-Muslim Relations.

The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry program prepares students interested in Church ministry with a professional formation and credential. It is open to undergraduate students pursuing a major or minor in theology and religious studies.

In collaboration with the School of Philosophy, the School of Theology and Religious Studies offers a certificate program in pre-theology studies for seminarians.

The Certificate in Christian-Muslim Relations is a program within the Religion and Culture Academic Area that is ideal for those who already hold a B.A. and wish to enhance their understanding of the relations between two religions that encounter each other in our global society.

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Catholic Clinical Ethics (Certificate)

The online Catholic Clinical Ethics Certificate program prepares leadership at Catholic healthcare institutions to address complex social and ethical issues in healthcare, clinical treatment, genetics, biotechnology, and policy within the framework of the Catholic moral tradition and teaching.

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