Embark on a Rigorous and Engaging Intellectual Journey

The School of Theology and Religious Studies at The Catholic University of America leads undergraduates on rigorous and engaging intellectual journeys in theology and religious studies. We serve all University students on that quest, and we offer more extensive programs for students particularly interested in these studies. We do so in a hospitable, vibrant community that serves a crucial role at the heart of the University's Catholic mission.

Intellectually Rigorous

Our internationally renowned faculty anchors our school's guidance of Catholic University students in rigorous liberal arts inquiry. The school's courses and programs challenge and broaden all our students' knowledge of theology and religious studies.

Practically Oriented

Our school aims to equip all undergraduates with critical skills in reading, writing, and speaking with regards to life's ultimate questions, questions whose answers saturate our everyday lives. For those interested in service to the Church through ministerial or academic work, our school provides undergraduates with a variety of programs to prepare them for such service.

Joyfully Catholic

Our school wholeheartedly embarks upon the search for truth in theology and religious studies that is supported by and in turn nourishes our University's Catholic identity. We trust in the complementarity of faith and reason and the centrality of love in our school's mission.

Hospitably Communal

Students and faculty pursue intellectual rigor communally. Inside and outside the classroom, the school aims to serve as a hospitable and supportive environment for all students involved in studying theology and religion. Our students are a particularly vibrant intellectual and social community.

St. Matthew's Cathedral, DC

Why Study Theology in D.C.?

Catholic University’s location in Washington, D.C., means that it helps shape issues of the public moment. This is where theological thinking in the United States moves from the classroom to the culture.

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