The Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) minor at Catholic University is a wonderful complement to any other degree, providing a solid foundation in Catholic theology and religious studies.

To earn a minor, a student must take TRS 201 as well as five additional TRS courses at any level. This is only two more TRS courses than most Catholic University students are required to take.

TRS minors are eligible for majors- and minors-only seminar-style courses.

TRS minors with qualifying GPAs are also eligible for induction into Theta Alpha Kappa, the National Honor Society for Theology and Religious Studies.

Many of our minors choose to complete the Certificate of Pastoral Ministry.

Student Profile

Leah Henry '17"I chose to minor in Theology and Religious Studies because I wanted to continue to learn about my Catholic faith and grow deeper in my relationship with God during college. As a Biology major, I was continually in awe of the clear connections between the complexity of the cellular and molecular mechanisms that I was studying in my biology courses and the One who created it all. Now, as medical student and future physician, I am so grateful that I have this strong foundation in my faith, which will help me in my interactions with and service to my patients and in making faith-based, ethical decisions." 

- Leah Henry, '17

Student Profile

Thomas Wong '17"I chose to pursue a Theology minor not only to take advantage of Catholic University’s great program but also to satisfy my curiosity of various religious questions and avenues in the rigors of the classroom. I wanted to entertain new perspectives and schools of thought in the historically rich traditions of the Faith.
I really enjoyed how the breath of fresh air of my theology courses— which I was free to choose at my convenience— complemented my primary studies in civil engineering. The changes and challenges they presented my peers, class material, and critical thinking were especially refreshing, and I am happy to see the achievement noted on my transcript! My theology minor deepened my appreciation for various aspects of the faith in engaging and enjoyable settings on campus and around D.C. — and Rome! My professors and classmates would happily join together to take on a theological question both head-on and in ways I might never have considered before— a method that has especially benefited me in my other studies!"

- Thomas Wong, '17

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