The course numbering system for theology and religious studies courses does not reflect the degree of difficulty or imply a sequence of study but, rather, indicates the breadth of the course and the subdiscipline within the fields of Theology and Religious Studies.

  • 200-level courses: Provide a broad introduction to a subdiscipline within Theology and Religious Studies.
  • 300-level courses: A focused study of a specific topic within a subdiscipline.
  • 400-level courses are similar to 300-level courses in that they are the focused study of a Special Topic within a subdiscipline but taught in seminar format (12-15 students). Enrollment is controlled to ensure only those students that have an interest in the topic will take part in the seminar. Theology and religious studies majors and minors have priority placement in Special Topics courses.

Students have broad latitude in selecting theology and religious studies courses to fulfill the school's Distribution Requirements and are encouraged to take a variety of courses in different subdisciplines. To help in determining the respective areas or subdisciplines, (with the exception of TRS 201) the second digit in a TRS course number designates the subdiscipline. For example, any course with a three (3) as the second number is a course in Moral Theology/Ethics (e.g. TRS 230, 335 and 430).

00-09 - Old Testament

10-19 - New Testament

20-29 = Church History

30-39 = Moral Theology/Ethics

40-49 = Liturgy and Sacraments
50-59 = Pastoral/Spirituality/Rel. Ed.

60-79 = Systematic Theology

80-89 = Religious Studies

90-99 = World Religions