Emmanuel Bassey

Program: S.T.D., Biblical Studies - New Testament 

Interests: The Gospel of John, Galatians

Dissertation: "The Biblical Critique of Indifference to Evil"
Supervisor: David Bosworth, Ph.D.


Vincent Birch

Program: Ph.D, Historical and Systematic Theology 

Interests: Foundational Theology, Theological Anthropology, Religious Epistemology, and Christology

Dissertation: "The Semiosis of Revelation: God’s Self-Communication to Humanity in its Semiotic Constitution"
Supervisor: Reinhard Huetter


Rev. Raphael Christianson, O.P.

Program: Ph.D, Historical and Systematic Theology 

Interests: Grace and Nature, Thomas Aquinas, Deification, Doxology

Dissertation: "Native Attunement to the Living God: The Doxological Relation of Nature and Grace according to Frans Jozef van Beeck, S.J."
Supervisor: Christopher Ruddy, Ph.D.


Scott Elmer

Program: D.Min., Pastoral Studies 

Interests: Triplex Munera, Evangelization, Co-Responsibility, Formation of Apostolic Leaders

Dissertation: "Fostering Growth in the Prophetic Dimension of Baptismal Anointing in Order to Form Lay Evangelists"
Supervisor: Msgr. Michael Clay


Meg (Kanatzar) Ferguson

Program: D.Min., Catechetics

Interests: Biblical Studies, Campus Ministry, Education

Dissertation: "Training Faithful Adults to Accompany Undergraduate Students"
Supervisor: Fr. Frank Donio


Anthony Fortunato

fortunato-anthony-250.jpgProgram: D.Min., Catechetics

Interests:  Liturgical Catechesis, Pastoral Theology, Spiritual Theology, Biblical Studies


Jonathan Gaworski

gaworski-headshot.jpgProgram: Ph.D., Church History

Interests: Trinitarian Theology, Christology, Medieval Exegesis, Albertus Magnus, the Great Schism, Scholastic receptions of the Greek Fathers

Dissertation:  "The Trinitarian Theology of Albert the Great: An Historical and Systematic Study"
Supervisor: Mark Clark


Joseph Kirkconnell

Program: Ph.D, Catechetics

Interests: Evangelizing Catechesis, Spirituality, Ecclesiology, Theology of the Cross 

Dissertation: "The Relationship between Ministerial Priests and Lay Catechists in Light of the Five Tasks of Catechesis in the Directory for Catechesis"
Supervisor: Jem Sullivan, Ph.D.


Rev. Gregory M. Plow, T.O.R., KHS, MSA

Gregory PlowProgram: D.Min., Religion and Culture

Interests: Leadership associated with Saint Francis and Pope Francis

Dissertation: "Leadership of 'Two Francises' for Our Current Age"
Supervisor: Dr. Susan Timoney, S.T.D.


Fr. Francisco M. Quiroz-Carrizales

Program: D.Min., Pastoral Studies

Interests: Priestly Formation, Catechesis, Canon Law, New Evangelization


Catherine Yanko

Program: Ph.D, Moral Theology and Ethics


Dissertation: "Freedom and Self Realization in the Thought of Josef Fuchs, Servais Pinckaers, and Herbert McCabe"