The School of Theology and Religious Studies at Catholic University offers prospective students something no other school can: a chance to receive a bachelor’s degree in theology from a pontifical faculty.

Our students benefit from taking courses with faculty who are conducting leading research in the fields of theology and religious studies. Students engage in discussions with their professors that reflect critical thinking. Our faculty instill a love of learning, a desire for excellence, and an ability to explore the answers to thought-provoking questions.

There are academic and pastoral opportunities for our students. Washington, D.C., is home to various government agencies, embassies, think tanks, cultural and religious institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Our students engage in conversations with the leaders of these institutions, through internships, volunteering, or on and off-campus events. Our D.C. location also offers the chance for pastoral ministry development. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is located across the street from our campus and the University partners with several local service organizations that enable our students to practically apply their theological studies.

For students who want to expand their worldview, Catholic University offers numerous study abroad options. It’s flagship program is the Rome Center, a campus jointly run by Catholic University and the Australian Catholic University. Located in the Trastevere neighborhood, the building houses academic and living space. Students studying theology and religious studies will find that Rome has been esteemed as the leading Christian city almost since the beginning of Christianity. The University also offers study abroad programs on nearly every continent of the world.  

Undergraduate Students may pursue the following degrees:

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