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The School of Theology and Religious Studies Students' Association (STRSSA) is the official student organization of The School of Theology and Religious Studies at The Catholic University of America. Membership in STRSSA is automatic with a student's enrollment in the school. STRSSA activities are directed by an annually elected board, composed of officers and representatives from each academic program area.

The prime function of STRSSA is student representation. Representatives from each academic area, the Graduate Students Association and the Washington Theological Consortium address the concerns and ideas of their fellow peers at STRSSA board meetings. Various committee chairs dedicate their time and talents to STRSSA, while select STRSSA board members attend School faculty meetings, acting as non-voting liaisons between students and faculty, giving student reports, advice, suggestions and perspectives.

STRSSA also provides opportunities for common prayer, an annual speaker series, socials, and centralized information of interest to theology students. STRSSA is committed to the quality of the academic programs in the School of Theology and Religious Studies, to the search for truth within the graduate theological disciplines, and to nurturing the spiritual, social, and intellectual lives of its members. In all of its endeavors, STRSSA strives to manifest the principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, and collegiality as it serves The School of Theology and Religious Studies and the University as a whole.

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The TRS Social Media Taskforce


The TRS Social Media Task Force is a group of students who manage the various social media accounts that belong to the School of Theology and Religious Studies. Established in 2019, it is headed up by William Deatherage (Class of 2020) and updates the school's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel. The team promotes events, tracks notable achievements by students and alumni, and documents speakers over video. 

All inquiries, suggestions, or content submissions should be directed to William Deatherage, Assistant for Digital Marketing for TRS, at deatherage@cua.edu

Left to Right: Maggie Rudman (Instagram: Class of 2022), William Deatherage (Lead: Class of 2020), Liam O'Toole (Facebook: Class of 2020), Rachel Le Melle (Not Pictured, Twitter: Class of 2022).


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