Randall Scott
Randall “Randy” Scott – has enjoyed a career of over 50 years, which has included service in the United States Army and as a contractor in support of our nations’ defense. He currently the CEO of Mandex, a provider of information technology services for defense, community, commercial enterprises, and other government agencies. Mr. Scott has over thirty years of experience in managing governmental and private organizations.  Randy currently serves on several boards and council, including the STRS Board of Visitors, Parents Council, and asked to serve on the Orlando Diocese board.  He is in the process of going through that evaluation and selection process.  He is a graduate with degrees from several Universities as well as numerous military intuitions and schools.  His life’s work has been the guiding influence focusing him on leadership and financial outcomes of highly successful organizations.  Over the past 15 years, he has become involved in direct community action by helping to improve educational outcomes as they relate to the “Catholic Perspective”.  For decades, Randy and Christine have worked to serve the church and the catholic community through gifts and personal support.  John attends CUA majoring in TRS and Philosophy.  He hopes to study law and canon law.  Kristopher and Erika reside in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area where they work.