Meet Sr. Chelsea!

  • Class of 2022davis.png
  • Favorite Class: Directed Reading on Women Doctors of the Church (TRS 492)
  • Favorite Saints: Sts. Mary, Martha and Lazarus of Bethany 
  • Internships/Experience: Piano Teacher, Grocery Store Cashier, Nanny, and Religious Sister with the Daughters of St. Paul


Sr. Chelsea Bethany Davis is a temporary professed Sister with the Daughters of St. Paul (often known as the #MediaNuns), currently missioned in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. She usually goes by Sr. Bethany in life and online. She grew up as a longhorn cattle and goat farmer in Mount Airy, Maryland until she entered the convent 10 years ago. Besides being a wealth of information about livestock, she is also the Coordinator of Outreach and Evangelization to the Mid Atlantic Area for her community and attends the Catholic University of America.