Meet Thomas!

  • Class of 2022do.png
  • Favorite Class: Catechesis (TRS 357)
  • Favorite Saint: St. Andre Besette
  • Internships/Experience: Sophomore Connections, Office Assistant at the Center and Academic and Career Services and Residence Life

    Currently: Orientation Support Staff, Catechist at St. Anthony's School, Confirmation Practicum Assistant at St. Philip the Apostle Church, RENEW, Theology and Religious Studies Undergraduate Association Discussion Night Leader, Liturgical Ministers, Militiae Immaculatae. 


Hello! My name is Thomas Do and I am a junior studying Theology and Religious Studies at the Catholic University of America, with minors in math and philosophy. I am currently a temporary professed Lay Dominican at the Dominican House of Studies, right across the street from our campus. Before arriving at the Catholic University of America, I was the founding president of the Vocations Club at Bishop McNamara High School, where I graduated in 2018. In that club, I strove to work with my fellow peers to help understand God’s will for their lives through many ways such as icebreakers, discussions, guest speakers, and other group activities to help others to be engaged.

As a junior studying Theology and Religious Studies at the Catholic University of America, I take part in many Campus Ministry activities that can help me to grow in my faith, and to help others to grow in faith, such as going to Mass and Adoration.  Most importantly, I have taken the role of the discussion night leader for the School of Theology and Religious Studies Undergraduate Association. In addition to the Theology and Religious Studies Undergraduate Association, I am an active member of RENEW, Orientation Support Staff, Liturgical Ministers, Militia Immaculatae, and Cardinal Ambassadors.  With this major, I am excited to help other students to know who God and Jesus Christ are, and to help others to grow in faith. I believe that we are called to serve others, but not to be served.

Currently,  I am an online Catechist teacher for grades 5-8 at St. Anthony’s Parish. In this volunteer position, I educate the students not only with knowledge, but lessons for faith. Sometimes I cover the first communion class for the teacher during her absence. Despite the stresses that are associated with combining first communion and my grades 5-8 class, I was able to create lessons that are interesting and engaging for all ages. Most recently, I just started the position as a teaching assistant at St. Philip the Apostle Church on weekends, where I assist the principal teacher to prepare students for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  While I assist the principal teacher, I teach mini-lessons and lead discussions that relate to mini-lessons as a way to help students to create interreligious dialogue with one another and conversing with each other in a faithful way. I am currently working towards a pastoral ministry certificate and the online catechist teacher certification through the Archdiocese. I hope to become a Theology teacher when I graduate from CUA. In the longer run, I hope to become a college professor in Theology.

Outside of my major, internships, and extracurricular activities at CUA, I tutor students who are struggling in math in grade school virtually on weekends. I have felt that God has helped me with his graces to be a good scholar in academics and being heavily involved in the heart of campus life. Without God's graces and my efforts, I would not be who I am today, so I thank God for the graces that he has given me to this day.