Meet Theresa!

  • Class of 2022gardner.png
  • Favorite Saints: St. Joseph and St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta 
  • Internships/Experience: Taught ESL to immigrants/refugees, Waitress, Barista and Supervisor at Starbucks, Yoga instructor for people with disabilities, Cantor and Violinist,  Student Minister, Student worker for Theology and Religious Studies


Theresa Gardner is from New Jersey where she lives with her seven siblings and parents. She is pursuing a double major in music- studying voice and violin- and theology. She is passionate about working with people with disabilities as well as other forms of community service, hoping to pursue long-term service internationally following graduation. Aside from God and family, Theresa loves eating and cooking Italian food, running, playing music, going to the beach, reading and spending time with friends. She would like to thank her family, especially her parents, whose love and support are responsible for the person she is today.