Meet Regina!

  • Class of 2022prince.png
  • Favorite Class: Christian Celebration: The Mass (TRS 340)
  • Favorite Saint: St. Maria Goretti
  • Internships/Experience: : Teaching and mentoring refugee children through Catholic Charities, Internship with InterFaith Works of Central New York, Church Decorator, Childcare


One Paragraph Biography: My name is Regina Prince and I am from Syracuse, New York. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the Catholic Church and my faith through my studies in Theology and Philosophy at CUA. I am a huge lover of Jesus, Mass, prayer and incense. I also really enjoy babysitting, talking to friends, decorating for my parish and oddly enough, sitting in church parking lots to think and pray. I am really passionate about the Catholic Church and the dignity of the human person. I strive to make sure that everyone knows how loved they are and that their worth is determined by God and not by this world. After graduating, I hope to serve God, His Church and His people all the days of my life.