Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Stephanos Alexopoulos, Liturgy and Byzantine Studies
Dr. Joshua Benson, Medieval Theology
Dr. Monica Blanchard, Armenian and Georgian Studies
Dr. Jennifer Davis, Early Medieval Europe
Dr. Arpad von Klimo, Modern Central Europe
Dr. William Klingshirn, Latin Patristics; Late Antiquity
Dr. Maria Mazzenga, American Catholicism
Dr. Steven Payne, OCD, Carmelite Studies
Dr. Jennifer Paxton, Medieval History, Medieval England and Ireland
Dr. Caroline Sherman, Early Modern Europe
Dr. Seth Smith, American Catholicism
Dr. Vincent Strand, 19th and 20th Century Theology
Dr. Nathan Tilley, Syriac
Dr. Janet Timbie, Coptic Studies
Dr. Julia Young, Latin America; Cristero War (1926-1929)