Students must maintain at least a 2.75 GPA.  No student may carry a course load beyond 15 credit hours per semester.  To ensure the academic integrity of the degree, one course per term and one per area may be taken outside the School.

A minimum of 69 semester hours of credit is required according to the following distribution:

  1. The Pro-seminar for master's students ordinarily should be taken in the first semester.
  2. Foundational--21 credits: Introduction to History and Method in Theology (3), Foundations of Christian Moral Life (3), Introduction to Patristic Theology (3), Introduction to Liturgy and Sacraments (3), Pastoral Theology (3), Introduction to Christian Spirituality (3), Basic Principles of Canon Law (3). Introduction to History and Method in Theology and Foundations of Christian Moral Life must be taken by S.T.B. students during the first year in the program.
  3. Systematic theology--15 credits, selected from: Mariology (3), Revelation and Faith (3), Theology of God (3), Christian Anthropology (3), Christology (3), Theology of the Church (3), Christian Eschatology (3).
  4. Liturgical studies and sacramental theology--six credits, selected from: Sacraments of Initiation (3), Eucharist (3), Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing (3), Ordained Ministries (3).
  5. Moral theology--nine credits: Christian Marriage and Family (3), Christian Social and Political Ethics (3), Biomedical Ethics (3).
  6. Scripture--15 credits: two courses from Old Testament offerings (6), two courses from New Testament offerings (6), one course chosen from either set of offerings (3). These courses are to be chosen from the following: Pentateuch; Prophets; Psalms; Synoptics; John; Pauline Letters.
  7. Church history--three credits: one course chosen from the appropriate offerings.
  8. Students who are candidates for priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church must take one course in a non-Roman Catholic ecclesial tradition during the course of studies.