September 24, 2013


  • New Database of Latin and English Texts Dedicated to the Writings of Francis and Clare of Assisi is Now Available

    The database of Latin and English texts dedicated to the writings of Francis and Clare of Assisi, the Digital Francis and Clare of Assisi: Early Documents is now available. Dr. Benson was one of the principle editors, directors and encoders of the database. Fr. Regis Armstrong was one of the principal translators of the print volumes upon which the series is based. The database is a groundbreaking new way to view, search, and teach with these important texts. The database can be visited by clicking the link above.

  • Dr. Joshua Benson Publishes Article

    Dr. Benson has published "Bonaventure's Inaugural Sermon at Paris: Omnium Artifex Docuit Me Sapientia. Introduction and Text," in Collectanea Franciscana 82/3-4 (2012), 517-562. The publication is the latest in a series of publications that Dr. Benson has authored regarding Bonaventure's inaugural sermon at Paris. This publication provides the first edition ever made of the sermon itself.

  • Dr. David Bosworth Publishes “Weeping in the Psalms”

    Dr. Bosworth has published "Weeping in the Psalms" in Vetus Testamentum 62 (2013) 36-46. The article correlates modern scientific study of weeping with its use in the Psalter. Research on weeping indicates that crying is a behavior motivated by the need for relationship and care-giving and that tears generate powerful reactions in people that witness them. In the Psalms, speakers draw on the powerful non-verbal eloquence of weeping by mentioning their tears in the contexts of their prayers in order to motivate God to help. This article describes how the motif of weeping functions in the Psalms and analyzes its distribution in the Psalter.

  • Implications of the New Evangelization Today Video

    Cardinal Wuerl's Lecture, "Implications of the New Evangelization Today" was recorded on video and is freely available to those who would like to view this talk. Please click the link above for access.

  • Dr. Robert Miller Named to Affiliated Faculty in South Africa

    Dr. Miller has been appointed a Research Associate of the Department of Old Testament Studies of the University of Pretoria. The University was founded in 1908 and its Old Testament program is one of the most respected in Africa. Click the link above for more information about the Department.

  • CUA faculty and Alums at Annual Liturgy Meeting

    A group of current and former faculty and alumni of CUA gathered in Albuquerque, NM, during the annual meeting of the North American Academy of Liturgy, January 3-6, 2013. Current faculty present included Dean Mark Morozowich, liturgy area director Dominic Serra, and faculty Margaret Mary Kelleher, Margaret Schreiber, Michael Witczak, and Lecturer Katharine Harmon. Former faculty in attendance included Gerard Austin. Alums present included Nick Denysenko, Gabriel Pivarnik, Richard McCarron, James Donohue, Donald LaSalle, Robert (Roc) O'Connor, Heidi Miller, James Sabak, Stephen Wilbricht, Catherine Vincie, Mark Wedig, and Judith Kubicki.

  • Fr. Witczak delivers VP address at national liturgy meeting

    Associate Professor Michael G. Witczak delivered the Vice Presidential Address at the annual meeting of the North American Academy of Liturgy, meeting in Albuquerque, NM, January 3-6, 2013. The address was entitled: "The Liturgical Movement: A Personal Examen." Witczak explored the concept of the "liturgical movement" as a historical pattern of understanding and then offered brief profiles of the key influences on his development as a student of the liturgy. The talk concluded with his contention that liturgy is fundamentally a theological discipline. Witczak took up the office of president of the Academy at the end of the meeting and will preside at the meeting in Orlando, FL, Jan. 2-5, 2014.

  • Dr. Matt Tapie Presents Paper at the Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting

    On January 4th, Dr. Matt Tapie presented a paper entitled, "Thomas Aquinas as Resource for the New Black Theology," at the 2013 annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics in Chicago.

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