December 06, 2013

Annual AAR/SBL conference

Several of our faculty and graduate students participated in the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. This conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland over November 23-26, 2013.

  • Dr. David Bosworth, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, presented a talk on Children in the Biblical World. His talk was titled, "Hearing the Children's Cries: Weeping and Suffering Infants in the Hebrew Bible".
    • Dr. Charles B. Jones, Associate Professor of Religion and Culture, and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, presented the talk "Coral Grove (Sh?nhú Lín) by Yuan Hongdao (1568-1610): Religion and Salon Culture in the Late Ming Dynasty."
    • Dr. Robert Miller II, O.F.S, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Studies Area Director, presented a talk on elements of religious thought and ritual entitled "Totemism in Early Israel."
    • Dr. Michael Root, Ordinary Professor of Systematic Theology, participated in a session of the Christian Theology and the Bible section of the national meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature. The session examined the recent book by Gary Anderson, Charity: The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition .
    • Jon D. Anderson presented a talk on the theme East Meets West: Adapting Sacred Space to New contexts in India and North America. His talk was titled "The Aum on the Cross: A Hermeneutical Assessment of 'Incultrated' Indian Catholic Ashrams.'" Anderson is a doctoral student.
    • Christina Bosserman presented a talk on Metaphor Theory and the Hebrew Bible Section titled "Death is My Shepherd, I shall Want: The language of Death in the Psalms and the Curious Case of Ps 49:15." Bosserman is a doctoral student in Biblical Studies.
    • German McKenzie presented a talk on Theorizing Time, Change and Religion titled "What Has Charles Taylor Brought to the Sociological Table? An Exploration of His View on Social Change in His Meta-Narrative on Secularization in the West." McKenzie is a doctoral student in Religion and Culture.
    • Allison Ralph presented a talk on Roundtable Teaching Conversations titled "Revelation of a Syllabus: An Experiential Analogy for Learning Early Christian History." Ralph is a doctoral student in Church History.
    • Angela Parchen Rasmussen presented a talk on the Shape and Shaping of the Psalter titled "The Relationship Between the Fourth Book of the Psalter and David's Song of Praise in 1 Chronicles 16." Rasmussen is a doctoral student in Biblical Studies.

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