September 08, 2015

Sister Margaret Kelleher Celebration On Wednesday, August 26 we were delighted to celebrate the twenty-nine year career of Sr. Margaret ("Peggy") Kelleher at The Catholic University of America, even if we were saddened to see her leave us for retirement.  The event was incredibly well-atteneded, and included speeches by Garvey, Dean Mattison, and a host of esteemed colleagues.  Over the course of her years at Catholic University, she served as Assistant Chair for Doctoral Programs and as Chair.  She was a member of the Advisory Committee to the Episcopal Board of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy from 1992-2000.  Her research interests include the relationship between liturgy and culture, liturgical ecclesiology, method in liturgical/sacramental theology, ritual studies, and liturgical spirituality.  We suspect she will devote some time in her retirement to be able to further pursue those interests. We are very grateful for her service, and wish her the best  in her new endeavors.

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