November 03, 2015

STRS Professors at 50th Anniversary Ecumenical Meeting

Msgr Paul McPartlan, Fr John Galvin, and emeritus professor Fr Joseph Komonchak took part in a special meeting of the North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation held in Worcester MA, 22-24 October, 2015 , commemorating the first meeting of the dialogue which was held in the same town, and actually in the same place, St Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral, in September, 1965. The commission, which has met regularly, without interruption, since that date, has produced nearly 30 agreed statements dealing with a wide variety of issues pertaining to Orthodox-Catholic relations, and it continued work in Worcester on a new agreed statement, while also having some particular moments of celebration. At an event held at Assumption College, Worcester, on the afternoon 23 October, and open to students and seminarians, Msgr McPartlan gave a presentation on the history and work of the international Catholic-Orthodox dialogue, of which he is also a member, and an Orthodox member of the North American dialogue, Dr Paul Meyendorff, spoke on that dialogue and on its 2010 agreed statement: "Steps Towards a Reunited Church: A Sketch of an Orthodox-Catholic Vision for the Future" .

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