December 07, 2015

Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting

The Biblical Studies Area was well-represented at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in Atlanta November 21-24. Prof. David Bosworth presented two papers: "Ignoring Infant Cries: Religious and Medical Influences on Infant Neglect" and "Deities as Mothers and Fathers: Evolutionary Psychology and the Study of Ancient Texts." He also served on a panel discussing the Science for Seminaries grant that STRS received from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Prof. Ian Boxall also attended the meeting and he and Prof. Bosworth met with prospective students. Several students also presented papers. Christina Bosserman presented "Iconographic Illiteracy in the Hebrew Bible", Andrew Montanaro presented "The Subversive Masculinity of the Suffering Servants", Maria Rodriguez presented "What's In a 'Word'?: Kalam/Kalima and Rhema/Logos as Expressions of God's Word in Q. 3 and the Gospel of Luke", Adam Tune presented "A Bodyguard of Lies: Deception in Samuel-Kings", and Eric Wagner presented "The Servant and God are Comparable: A Result of Reading the Body as Space in Second Isaiah." Several other students and recent alumni were also at the conference.

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